Hervé Martel

CEO of HAROPA – Port du Havre,  President of HAROPA in 2017,  President of the UPF (Union of Ports of France)


Born in 1965, married with two children, General Civil Engineer from the “Ecole des Ponts et Chaussées” (Roads and Bridges civil engineering national School) (1989), Hervé Martel holds a DEA in «Transport Economics» (1991) and a ‘Master’s degree’ in Public Management (1999); He began his career at the Port of Reunion in 1989.


From 2001 to 2004 he held the position of director of the port agency ‘Seine-Amont’ at the Port of Paris Authority and head of the district for the Navigation Service of the Seine. Then he joined the Departmental Equipment Division of Seine-et-Marne in 2004, as Deputy  Director for Infrastructure and Transport.


From 2006 to 2007, he held the position of Deputy Director of Maritime and Waterway Transport before joining the cabinet of the State Minister as a technical advisor in charge of ports and maritime transport and civil aviation. He particularly dealt with the reform of French seaports. In September 2009, Hervé Martel was appointed Managing Director of Ports of Paris, which he left in March 2012 to head the Port of Le Havre Authority. He will be confirmed in his functions in March 2014.


Hervé Martel clearly shows his determination to continue efforts within the framework of the strategic plan: «The port of Le Havre holds today all the cards to assert itself as a reliable and competitive port marketplace able to offer ship-owners and shippers the best services ... we have seized opportunities to assert the attractiveness of our Port, face to the competition with the ports of Western Europe, and that of the HAROPA port system that we form with Rouen and Paris”.


Since 2012, date of creation of the Economic Interest Group HAROPA, Hervé Martel has also been the chair or vice-chair of this EIG, in turn with the CEOs of Port of Rouen and Ports of Paris.


Hervé Martel has also been President of the UPF (Union of Ports of France) since April.


2014, which confirms the common will of French ports to improve in efficiency, visibility and be particularly attentive to their customers, while paying attention to social dialogue and ensure the interests of the French port cities in Europe. It is part of a prospect to continue recapturing market shares, which characterizes the Port of Le Havre and HAROPA.